Self Neglect and Hoarding for Partner Agencies

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Wednesday 23 November 2022 (09:45 - 15:00)


Virtual via MS Teams,


Self Neglect and Hoarding for Partner Agencies

This course seeks to challenge the concept that self-neglect is perceived as a lifestyle choice. Public Authorities have a defined duty to act regardless of capacity or a ‘willingness to engage’. It assumes a pre-existing level of understanding of self-neglect and hoarding.

This course has been developed for senior managers within partner agencies that work with and support Buckinghamshire Council. Each partner can then use the course information to inform and educate their own wider teams.

The course provides a higher level of awareness of Human Rights, capacity, legal responsibilities, self-neglect and hoarding in relation to all Public Authorities with a specific focus on the recently published Safeguarding Adults Review.

The course is designed to bring together the multiple agencies that support people who self-neglect or hoard across Buckinghamshire Council and to raise understanding of the importance and serious contribution they make to peoples lives. Fundamentally, the course aims to provide both practical and networked methods of recognition and escalation across the Council and its partners.

After attending this course, learners will be able to:

  • Define self-neglect and active observations of self-neglect
  • State how a multi-agency approach works to support an individual
  • Explain what revised case management and cumulative risk assessments are
  • List the challenges that could be presented in self-neglect
  • Describe the legal requirements and practitioner’s role in self-neglect
  • Give an overview of hoarding and the clutter ratings
  • Explain the risks of hoarding and the appropriate response
  • Highlight areas of Public Authority operations that impact their own role
  • Explain the link with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Explain the link with comorbid and associated disorders of Hoarding
  • Describe the assessment process and the treatment options available

 This course will be delivered by Glenn Patterson:

Glenn is a Professional and passionate trainer, consultant and speaker with multiple industry experience extending to Owner and Director levels.

Glenn's personal family background and professional experience within Education, Health & Social Care, Housing and Prison Services has allowed him to coach, lead and develop both teams' and organisational strategy for many years.

He has introduced positive challenge themes, action plans and thematic training to a variety of agencies and within several subject areas.

Glenn's specialist interests are:- Controlled Drugs, Children and Domestic Abuse, Human Rights, Public Authority Safeguarding responsibility and Self-Neglect & Hoarding cases.

Glenn is part of the UTS delivery and development team and part of his role within those teams is to ensure all UTS trainers, course content and materials from his specialist areas are up to date and consistently delivered to our customers.

He works in collaboration with our partners to ensure content is bespoke to the needs of customers if required, whilst ensuring that sector requirements are embedded within those needs.

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