Transitional Safeguarding Workshop by Dez Holmes

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Wednesday 19 January 2022 (1.30pm please login by 1.15pm - 4.30pm)

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Virtual via MS Teams,


What is Transitional Safeguarding?

  • Transitional safeguarding is a rights-based, equalities-oriented and relational approach to helping young people (adolescents and young adults) be and feel safe
  • Transitional Safeguarding is NOT simply ‘transitions planning’. It’s about a whole system approach which redefines how we think about both ‘transitions’ and ‘safeguarding’
  • Social workers have a vital and unique contribution to make to the Transitional Safeguarding agenda – the person-centred, participative approach closely aligns with social work values
  • Transitional Safeguarding is not a practice training issue, it is a systems leadership issue – so this session is suited to managers and leaders as well as practitioners across the multi-agency partnership
  • This session will provide participants with key research messages and an opportunity to reflect and explore what Transitional Safeguarding can look like in Buckinghamshire.

This workshop is being delivered by external speaker Dez Holmes who is is the Director of Research in Practice, a not-for-profit organisation that supports the children’s and adults’ sector to use evidence within practice and leadership. Dez is responsible for the overall leadership and is interested in knowledge mobilisation, systems leadership, adolescence, safeguarding and participative practice. Dez is also the Programme Director for the Tackling Child Exploitation Programme and also chairs the Contextual Safeguarding UK Advisory Group.

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