Terms & Conditions

Buckinghamshire Safeguarding Children Partnership (BSCP)

BSCP Terms & Conditions


The BSCP is committed to ensuring that we deliver high quality targeted multi-agency training to key professionals who have an impact on safeguarding and promote the well-being of children and young people.

The extensive training programme is costly in terms of commissioning trainers, event materials, administration, refreshments and venue costs.  Our aim is to maximise attendance at all events. Training places are lost through non-attendance preventing other delegates attending important training.

The Charging/Cancellation Policy will be reviewed by the BSCP regularly. It is important that delegates and agencies are aware of the current BSCP Charging/Cancellation Policy, which can be viewed on the BSCP website



  1. By applying for a place on an event delegates are confirming that they have the support of their line manager and agency to attend the event. This also confirms that the delegate / agency agree to pay any charges associated with the training in line with the current Charging/Cancellation Policy, on the BSCP website and that the delegate / agency have read and accept the terms & conditions as set out in this document
  2. By applying for an event delegates are confirming they have read and understood the training pathway on the BSCP website (N/A for Awareness Raising sessions) and full course details to ensure they are booking onto the appropriate event for their role. The BSCB accepts no responsibility if a delegate books onto incorrect training or fails to cancel a booking
  3. Delegates must set up an individual User Account using their own email address. Please note: a)‘‘office@’ type email addresses cannot be used b) Individuals must create their own account as there is no facility for one person ie: team administrator(s), to create an account using one email address and then book places for numerous staff under that same email address.
  4. All fields within the individual User Account must be fully completed when setting up an initial profile. It is then the individual’s responsibility to ensure information contained within their account is kept up to date. The BSCP accepts no responsibility if a delegate incorrectly inputs their organisation type
  5. All fields within the event booking screens must be fully completed confirming an invoice address and charging details at the time of each fresh booking made. Where an agency requires a Purchase Order number to be quoted on an invoice raised by the BSCP for attendance/non-attendance (N/A for Awareness Raising sessions), then the Purchase Order number must be quoted at the time of booking as it cannot be added at a later date
  6. Please note that events are closed to new bookings 10 working days prior to the event start date
  7. The BSCP incurs costs for every booking and change of booking made on the online system. Therefore the BSCP reserve the right to pass any associated costs onto agencies / organisations in this regard


Change of delegate

No additional course charge will be incurred to change of delegate on an event. However the replacement delegate must a) be eligible to attend the training b) have set up a User Account on the online booking system c) email the BSCP Training Team at bscptrainingteam@buckscc.gov.uk

confirming the course name and event date and the name of the delegate they are replacing in order for the BSCP to action the change. Should a delegate not receive a response from the BSCP prior to the event date then the replacement delegate should liaise directly with the trainer on the day of the training.




As demand for BSCP events is high, early cancellation is important in order for the place to be offered to another delegate.


More than 10 working days before event:

If a delegate can no longer attend an event and it is more than 10 working days prior to the start date of the course, they are responsible for cancelling the booking by logging into their online training account and cancelling their place, thus ensuring no costs will be incurred. If for any reason delegates cannot access the system in order to cancel their place, they must email the bscptrainingteam@buckscc.gov.uk immediately.


10 working days or less before event:

If a delegate can no longer attend an event and it is 10 working days or less prior to the start date of the course, charges or loss of fee will apply in line with the BSCB’s Charging/Cancellation Policy (N/A for Awareness Raising sessions), see separate document on the BSCP website.


Cancellation of training event by BSCP

If due to unforeseen circumstances, such as trainer illness or adverse weather conditions, the BSCP may be required to cancel training with limited notice. If this occurs, the BSCP will endeavour to notify delegates as soon as possible via email and will not be held accountable for delegate costs associated with the cancelled event, such as related costs of releasing staff to attend training or travel expenses etc.


Attendance/Late arrivals/Early Leaving

  1. Delegates must ensure that they sign the attendance register upon arrival at each event. Failure to do so may result in the system logging a delegate as a non-attender and subsequent charges may therefore apply in line with the Charging/Cancellation Policy
  2. Delegates are expected to attend the full training session
  3. Late arrivals may be refused entry at the discretion of the BSCP’s trainer and in this event charges will apply in line with the Charging/Cancellation Policy and the delegate will be recorded as a non-attender
  4. Requests to leave an event early may be refused at the discretion of the BSCP’s trainer. By leaving early, charges may be incurred and the delegate may be recorded as a non-attender
  5. Attendance and non-attendance may be reported to partner agencies


Post event (N/A for Awareness Raising sessions)

The BSCB will update the online system to reflect attendance/non-attendance at event(s). Once actioned delegates will, depending on training, be able to:


  1. Complete their course evaluation online. NB: Failure to complete an evaluation may result in you being blocked from booking onto future training events
  2. Download attendance certificate and course e-Pack
  3. Delegates will be contacted in approximately 3 months to give feedback on how they have implemented the learning from the training. Line managers will also be contacted to gain their view on how the delegates practice has improved as a consequence of attending this training.


Data Protection please refer to BSCP Privacy Notice


Failure to comply with these Terms & Conditions may result in agencies/organisations not being able to access BSCP training




At present BSAB does not charge for courses, however this may have to change over the coming months depending on the financial position of the board. Therefore it is important that people attend the free courses that are available.

It is important that you complete all the boxes accurately when enrolling as we will be using this information to assist us in planning future training courses. 



As demand for BSAB courses is high and some applications may be unsuccessful, early cancellation is important in order that the place can be offered to another delegate.

You are able to cancel your own place 6 days before the course by logging into BSAB events page.

If you wish to cancel your place less than 6 days before the date of the course you must email us at BSAB@buckscc.gov.uk

You will not be able to cancel your own place with less than six days to go.


Non Attendance

If you do not attend a course that you have booked on to, we will email you and your manager to inform them of your non-attendance. 

Unforeseen events/exceptional circumstances

We do expect that if this should happen that you should notify us as soon as possible so we can amend our records.


BSAB Training Cancellation

Due to unforeseen circumstances such as trainer illness or adverse weather conditions, on rare occasions, the BSAB may be required to cancel training with limited notice. We will send out an email notifying you of the cancellation or change of venue. So please check this website and your emails before attending any training event.